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The 29th Boston Film Festival commemorative program will be a keepsake that will extend the reach of this unique marketing opportunity. More than 20,000 potential consumers will pass through the theatre during the week long event. Become a part of Boston's history while advertising to a diverse sophisticated audience.

The Boston Film Festival provides a valuable contribution to the City's cultural community. The festival showcases the Bay State as an international tourism destination as well as making Massachusetts a desirable place to live and do business. Audiences are given first hand access to the motion picture process with the directors and actors providing a rare chance to interface with Hollywood's top names alongside of cutting-edge filmmakers.

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A Back Bay house will be a central location for filmmakers and talent to network and relax. A spa room will be open during the afternoon hours. Complementary water, coffee and soft drinks will be provided. The sponsors' logo will appear on the water bottles. There will be an after hours party with live entertainment by a recording artist opening weekend. A BFF hat and jacket will be given out featuring the sponsor's logo. Plasma TVs will be located throughout the house. A concierge will be available daily to schedule recreational activities for filmmakers and talent. An ad campaign highlighting the Back Bay Filmmaker House will be created to maximize the sponsor's visibility. A TV celebrity designer will create the décor for the brownstone. A website video will be created from footage shot inside the Back Bay House including a sponsor intro and posted on the BFF website for viewing.

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The Film Café Sponsorship program provides optimum visibility as it serves as home base for the festival. A select café menu is offered for purchase. Internet access for filmmakers and talent will be provided in a designated private area. The décor will be LA casual with a living room area plus a café area. An apparel store, open to the public, will be located in the café featuring festival T-Shirts, Hats and Sweatshirts for purchase. The sponsors' logo will be on the BFF T-shirts. Large plasma screens situated throughout the café will run a trailer of the films including a spot created for the sponsor. The loop will feature a segment promoting Boston as a popular tourism destination and film location that includes testimonial interviews with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Kevin Bacon.

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The Opening Night Party elicits excitement as the intro for the 28th Boston Film Festival. National press line the red carpet outside the restaurant. The festival Opening Night Film Premiere begins at 7:00PM at the Stuart Street Theater with the party following. Four Hundred guests attend the film at 10:00PM. Hollywood search lights will interlace the sky welcoming guests. There will be a fireworks display over the harbor and city as part of the celebration. A menu will be created by one of Boston's renowned chefs.

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The Closing Night Party is hosted by a premiere Boston restaurant. The Boston Film Festival awards are presented during the celebration. Search lights set the stage for a glittery fete wrapping the festival. There is live entertainment as well as a buffet of hors d'oeuvres and desserts served along with a champagne fountain. A breakfast table and coffee will open prior to the guest's departure. A BFF Sponsor gift will be given to attendees as they depart featuring the sponsor's logo.

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A roundtable discussion on emerging technology, film finance and distribution is held on Opening weekend. The panel will be comprised of filmmakers, screenwriters and actors. The set design will incorporate the sponsor's signage. An online video of the roundtable discussion will be posted on the BFF website for 4 months including a spot for the sponsor.

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BFF VIDEO CONTEST "What is your Boston Film Favorite?"

The Boston Film Festival will launch a new video contest entitled "Boston Film Favorite, (BFF)?" The sponsorship provides optimum marketing visibility as the competing videos will be viewed on the BFF website. Public voting will determine the winner. The video will include the sponsor's logo and premiere on Opening Night. The sponsor will be part of a marketing plan to promote the contest via radio spots, internet ads, and press outreach. Other topics; "What is your Boston Fan Favorite?," "Who is your BFF?"

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As the lead-in to the competitive fall and holiday movie release season, the festival screens films being circulated for award show consideration. The BFF is recognized as an early award platform. The categories include: Best Film, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best Performance, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, EcoFilm and the unique Mass Impact Award given to a film that illuminates an important social issue affecting humanity. Awards are available for sponsorship which includes a cash prize and statue.

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A screening of the classic film that put Boston on the Hollywood map will take place at an outdoor venue. A marketing campaign that includes print and viral ads as well as radio promotional giveaways will run for 3 weeks prior to the Under the Stars event. Sponsor's logo will be on the big screen prior to the viewing. Guests may purchase food and drinks. T-shirts will be available for purchase designed with the inscription "Good Will Hunting, Boston Film Festival 2010 Sponsored By..." Other possible films are; 20th Anniversary of "Field of Dreams," "Fever Pitch," "The Verdict," and "Jaws."

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The college night celebration of film will incorporate a film premiere and grand party following the movie. Search lights and special effects will set the stage along the entire street. Pass holders will be given admission to simultaneous parties at participating venues along Landsdowne Street or another Boston hot spot. Gobos of the sponsor's logo will be reflected outside of each party location.

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Celebration of films sponsorship program will shine the spotlight on Massachusetts' Filmmakers. A spectacular outdoor party will be hosted by 1-2 select sponsors. The event will celebrate the day's film premieres that have either shot in the region or movies by filmmakers with native origins. Live entertainment will set the tone for this New England style party featuring locally themed food fare including seafood and farm fresh products. Search lights will interlace the night sky heralding a grand celebration.

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