Our Mission at the Festival

The Boston Film Festival endeavors to present a program of films that entertain, enlighten and educate the audience. We are dedicated to supporting evolving filmmakers by providing a forum to showcase their artistic vision. A variety of awards are presented annually, i.e. Best Film, Performance, Documentary, and Lifetime Achievement. New categories have been added to laud productions that influence green industry living in addition to the unique “Mass Impact Award” given to a filmmaker whose movie illuminates a social issue that positively affects humanity.

The festival offers audiences first-hand access to the filmmakers and film making process during the Q&A sessions with the Director and talent following every screening. The BFF continues its commitment to being a valued member of the city’s cultural community contributing to the desirability of residing and working in the Bay State. Further, a rich history of programming illustrious films and featuring top actors elevates the international visibility of the region via publicity.

Committee & Contributors

The Committee

Robin Dawson
Kim Cooper
Matthew Giordano
Nancy Eckersley
Kahlil Olmstead
Joe Russo
Gina Zicarelli
Elizabeth Duff
Laura Yellen
Vicki Oleskey

Shauna McCarthy
Annika Von Rosenvinge
Peggy Delaney
Austin Stack
Jonathon Buckley
Ashley Sandberg
Rich MacDowell
Julie Heffernan
Julie Russell
Caroline Tibert
Hannah Manclark


Jennifer Heffernan
Nancy O’Brien
Deb Fernandes
Laurie Mann-Strenge
Craig Najjar
Tim Hayes
Donnetta Campbell
Thomas Makowski
Dana Essigmann